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Christmas & New Years 



Some extra details regarding Christmas and New Year Bookings



No discounts apply during Christmas period,

all payments must be made in cash when you drop off your pet, no direct transfers. 

Unfortunately, we do not have Eftpos on site

due to poor reception. 

During this time, we will ring, text or email you if there is

any issue with your pet. This is a very busy time of year for us,

so please do not ring us to check on your pet, as it takes us away

from watching and caring for your pet and our other guests.

If you are really worried.... please text or email us with your name, pets name,

breed and colour, and we will answer your messages as soon as we can. 

Front Office Closing Times & Dates:

We only accept booking for Christmas for guests that arrive on or before

the 24th December no later than 6.30pm,

and depart after 9.30am on the 28th December.

Our front office will be closed for arrivals and departures during this time. 

We are also closed for arrival and departures on the 1st of January.

All pet owners must fill out a registration form and indemnity contract with your and your pets information,

this will take about 2 - 3 minutes on arrival.


Please do not bring any bedding, blankets, toys or food (unless your pet is on a special diet).

We supply all clean linen and bedding, and there are plenty of toys for your pet to play with

and they get plenty of exercise with activities during the day. 

We really appreciate if your pet comes with a collar and a name tag.

If you need to supply food for your pet, please label each item with your pets name, breed and colour.

If you would like to leave your cat box, please label it with your name and your pets name and colour.

We appreciate your understanding during this busy period. 

Thank you

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