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Dog Boarding & Homestay

You can be rest assured that your Dog will have the best time at Pacific Palms Pet Pet Resort, their home away from home. They will receive lots of attention, play time and plenty of exercise on our 10 acre resort in Mirani, Mackay QLD.

Dog Boarding


Pacific Palms Pet Resort has a number of air-conditioned kennels for your pampered pooch.

All kennels are inside our purpose built air conditioned building so you know they will be safe and secure. Each kennel has its own shaded outdoor area and plenty of fresh clean water to drink. 

Dogs get to play and socialise in our huge outdoor areas all day with plenty of shade and paddling pools to keep cool.

All dogs are walked daily, and we have separate areas for dogs of all ages, and temperaments. 

**We are a free-range kennel, so we cannot accept the following dogs:
- NO Pitbulls or Pitbull X's

 - NO dogs with aggressive or antisocial behaviour towards other dogs

 - No uncastrated males

 - No females on heat/in season.

RATES: $30 per day per dog

           $32 per day per dog - for very large dogs:

                ie Great Danes, Wolf Hounds, Bull Arabs

- Add on $2 - $5 per day if your pet needs medication 


            $25 per dog if more than 1 dog per family.

            (except at Christmas i.e. 20th Dec - 2nd Jan)

All dogs must have a C5 or better vaccination certificate.

Flea and tick treatments required to cover full length of stay.


All pet owners must fill out a registration form and indemnity contract with your and your pets information, this will take about 2 - 3 minutes on arrival.

Homestay for all small dogs

For that smaller Pooch that needs a bit of extra special attention, we offer a homestay in the Managers residence on site for most small guests. They can sit on the couch, watch tv, sleep inside and get all the attention they need. They also still get to enjoy the outdoor grassed areas, house deck, paddling pools and socialise with other dogs during the day and have a escorted walk around our fully fenced 10 acres in the afternoon.



For all small dogs: $30 per night per dog

                             $25 per night if 2 or more dogs per family


- Add $2 - $5 per day if your pet needs medication 

*Puppies and dogs must have all vaccinations including C5 certificate. Flea, tick and worm treatments required for the full length of stay.


For bookings please TEXT MSG 0459 761 261 or email


5 day minimum charge applies to all stays that include Christmas and Boxing Day.


Payment is required in full at time of check in.

No refund or credit for early pickups.


We accept Cash  on drop off or pick up,


Electronic Funds Transfer (provided the transfer is made and recorded as received in our bank account) 5 days prior to collection with a copy of the bank receipt either emailed to or sent through to 0459761261 

NO EFTPOS ON SITE and very limited Wifi Signal.

All pet owners must fill out a registration and indemnity contract form with your and your pets information, this will take about 2 - 3 minutes on arrival.

Please do not bring any bedding, blankets, toys or food (unless your pet is on a special diet).

We supply all clean linen and bedding, and there are plenty of toys for your pet to play with. 

We really appreciate if your pet comes with a collar and a name tag.

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